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Our Vision


To create a strong therapeutic alliance and relationship, which enables clients to explore their presenting health and wellbeing concerns in a deep and holistic manner. 


To establish a secure and strong therapeutic relationships to aid clients in achieving and sustaining their wellbeing goals . 


To develop deep and trusting connections with people so that they can feel strong, safe and confident, and therefore enjoy a high level of engagement in the psychological process.

International Women's Day Retreat

We are celebrating International Women's Day by offering 40 lucky women the opportunity to attend one of four 3-hour mini mindfulness retreat. 


We want to recognise the contributions of women in our community. Whether it is through their involvement in community activities, the efforts they put in at their place of employment or the unpaid work done at home with families. 


Nominate a loved one, colleague or yourself by completing our online entry form and telling us who you are nominating and why for the chance to attend.

Nominations can be made in one of three categories Women in business, Women in community or Women in families


Holistic Approach

“To take a holistic approach to support the growth, health and happiness of the those who engage in our services.” 

—  Engagement Psychology

Engagement Psychology’s Philosophy 

We take a holistic approach to support the growth, health and happiness of the those who engage in our services. As a diverse business, we cater to our individual client's’ unique needs, as well as support specific organisational concerns.


We enjoy taking a collaborative and integrative approach within our practice. Lisa and our team strive to make positive contributions to create a more functional, sustainable, and harmonious society. 


Work, Career & Organisational Aspects

Supporting your work-life balance

Working life can throw many challenges to your well-being. Work stress, job demands, employee relationships and family commitments can make your career and home life uneasy. Allow us to assist  through coaching, mentoring, self-care tools and career development. 

Group Facilitation: Learning, Training & Development

Building Healthier Teams

We work collaboratively with your organisation to explore your employees’ training and developmental needs.

Our aim is to develop and deliver interactive workshops, which enhance your employees’ engagement in the

learning process.

What To Expect At Your Visit

Individual, Relationship & Family Consultations

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At Engagement Psychology, your mental health and well-being is important. 

We love helping clients develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges.

We feel great satisfaction in seeing people heal and thrive.


Contact Engagement Psychology today to see how we can help you and explore the wide range of options we offer.

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