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How long does a session last?

55 minutes. To have a longer appointment please book two sessions.


How many sessions do people have?


Often people have 6 to 10 sessions. Some people find they have a few close together then have a few more a month or two later. Some people enjoy the benefits from having regular and more long-term support from a psychologist.


What to expect at the first session?

The First Appointment (55 minutes) is a counselling session with a psychologist and involves a holistic and comprehensive assessment where:

  1. we discuss your goals for therapy and your presenting concern/diagnosis;

  2. a tentative treatment plan is developed including the recommended approach to support the therapeutic outcome;

  3. you are provided with initial strategies and therapeutic suggestions to start working on.


What about confidentiality?

Personal information will remain confidential and be secure except when it is required for the following reasons.

1. It is subpoenaed by a court, 

2. Failure to disclose information would place you or another person at risk of harm

3. You have granted approval for a written report or specific information to be shared with:

a) another professional agency (e.g. GP or Lawyer); or

b) with another person (e.g., a partner, parent or employer); or

c) or to send your files onto another health professional.


Do I have to pay if I miss an appointment?

Yes. We charge 50% of our fee for late cancellation (within 12 - 24 hours before the appointment) and 100% of our fee for a missed appointment or with less than 12 hours notice.


We will consult our waiting list and if we can fill your appointment you will not be charge. Therefore, please offer us as much notice as possible for appointment changes.


Why does Engagement Psychology bill for missed sessions?

We have a missed appointment policy. We charge you 50% of the session cost if you fail to turn up or cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment.


We set aside that appointment time, and unlike a GP, we do not have other clients in a waiting room that we can see. Some other professionals can fill that time with other billable work, however this is not possible in a psychological practice. 


We try to rebook another client in if given sufficient notice, but with little or no notice, we literally sit in our office waiting for you.


How do I get the Medicare Rebate?

Discuss you concerns with the doctor and if they feel it appropriate they can write you a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. The GP could also assist eligible clients to apply for a Chronic Disease Self-Management Plan (CDSM) or Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC).

You could also contact Medicare directly to find out more about the available Medicare Rebates for psychological support. Ph 132 150.


Is it possible to see a different psychologist to the one that has been nominated on my current GP Mental Health Plan?

Yes, you can see any psychologist but you must bring the GP plan along.


How many sessions can I have with a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan and get the Medicare rebate?

A total of 10 sessions can be given per calendar year however, after the sixth session you must go back to the doctor and obtain a continuing referral.


In addition, it may be possible to access 10 group therapy sessions.


How many sessions can I have with a Chronic Disease Self-Management Plan (CDSM) or Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) and get the Medicare rebate?


A total of 5 sessions. Please discuss with you GP if you are eligible.


Do you bulk bill?

We generally do not bulk bill but we do offer a concession rate, for people on healthcare cards. Therefore, you will be out pocket for the difference between the medicare rebate (if you have a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan) and our consultation fee.


If your financial situation mean you are unable to have or continue therapy, please discuss with us. We may be able to offer sessions at a reduced rate. We try to assist you to access the support you need.


How much is the Medicare Rebate?

Currently $84.80 for the Mental Health Treatment Plan, $52.95 for Chronic Disease Self-Management Plan (CDSM) or Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) and $21.65 for a session in group therapy.


Can I just pay the difference (the gap)?

No. With Medicare rebates, you pay the full amount ($150/$140 or $125 (concession) and then Medicare refunds the rebate ($84.80 or $52.50 or $21.65) into your debit account.


Can I pay the gap with my health fund card?

No. You can usually only use one type of rebate for a consultation. You can choose between using the Medicare rebate OR Health Fund Rebate. Some Health Funds offer different options, therefore ask your Health Fund if your cover pays for the Medicare gap fees.


Can I get the Medicare Rebate on the spot?

Yes. Your refund will go into your savings or cheque account if you have a debit card with you. This happens after you have paid the full consultation fees.


How many sessions can I have with Medicare?

Up to 10 individual sessions per calendar year if you have a Mental Health Treatment Plan if your doctor agrees. In addition, it may be possible to access 10 group therapy sessions. Some Clients may be eligible for the Medicare Chronic Disease Self-Management Plan (CDSM) or Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC).


Can I use my Heath fund care and Medicare Rebate for the same session?


No. It s one or the other, however check with your health fund.


Can I use my Health Fund Care and Medicare Rebate in the same calendar year?


Yes. As long as you use them for different sessions. For example you could get a Medicare Rebate for a session and the next session you could use your Health fund card.


How do I get the health fund rebate?


You don’t need a referral but check with your health fund to ensure you are covered for psychology sessions.


Can I get the health fund rebate on the spot?

Yes. We have HiCaps and most Health funds are covered by HiCaps. Bring your Private Health Fund card and you just pay the gap.


Do I need a doctor’s referral to come to a psychologist?

No. You only need to see the doctors if you are eligible and want to ask for a Medicare Rebate.


Do you have a concession rate?

Yes the concession rate is available for people on a healthcare card holders. There may be a waiting period for these sessions as there is limited availability.


Are you clinical psychologists?

No. Lisa has been working within the health and wellbeing sector for over 18 years. She is a general psychologist who has completed a 6 years full time course (Masters of Organisational Psychology). She has a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) with a Major in Counselling.


How much does a 1 hour psychological consultation cost?

$150 (initial) $140 (subsequent/child/teens) or $125 (concession rate – healthcare card holders).

If you have Private Health Insurance or a Medicare Treatment Plan you will need to pay the full amount for the consultation, then we will assist you to get the medicare rebate (if your GP has created a Treatment Plan) or private health insurance deposited back into your saving account on your credit card.


Do you do psychological assessments?

Lisa is trained to administer and interpret a number of tests and assessments that can help diagnose a condition or tell more about the way a person thinks, feels and behaves. These tests may evaluate intellectual skills, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, vocational aptitude and preference, personality characteristics, temperament, strengths and values. Discuss with Lisa the suitability of a required assessment, as there many different kinds of psychological assessments.


Some clinical psychologist specialises in using assessment instruments and writing professional reports. It may be more suitable to access a clinical psychologist for specific psychological assessment.


Do you see WorkCover, ComCare and offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) clients?


Yes. Please ask your GP and/or case manager for a referral for psychological services as we may need your claim number. Please then check with us.